Geo-targeted SEO

Geo-targeted SEO


We are masters at improving local SERPs for specific countries and languages!

The geo-targeted SEO is all about your company or a multi-lingual website serving few audiences with the same efficiency. Basically, a local Search Engine Optimization is a concept for any multi-language website piece of fact that if in the modern competitive world of online commerce you’re not putting enough effort, skills and money – then someone else will and also will snatch all the prospective customers out of your hands. We are determined to compose a master plan for all of your digital activities!


B2B Submissions $1,243.76 (contact us for detailed calculation);
Conversion Rate Optimization $112.00 – $154.00 (contact us for detailed calculation);
Google Analytics Critical Analysis $200.00 – $375.00 (contact us for detailed calculation);
Google Webmaster Link Analysis $300.00 – $475.00 (contact us for detailed calculation);


How populated are the SERPs in your industry?

You need to check how competitive your SERPs are before you go with PPC. Simply enter your selected keywords into your Google External Keyword Research Tool and check the estimated competition level. Using this tool, you can also check the average number of advertisers currently bidding on your targeted keywords. The popularity of your SERPs will greatly determine the prices of the PPC services.

How high is your Cost-per-Click?

Cost-Per-Click or CPC is the fee you need to pay for a single keyword click. It is not homogeneous and the cost usually varies from industry to industry and keywords.
How is renovation project initiated?

What is your website ad budget?

The key factor that will primarily determine your method of website marketing is your ad budget. It is always a good idea to start with $5 to $10 per day. This is the basic budget most websites adhere to for PPC.